ODSB Pre-Order

We feel your pain: One of the harshest realities of the car buying process is the disappointment you feel when you realize that the car you had your heart set on cannot be found on any dealer's lot. It doesn't have to be like this. If you have the patience, you can pre-order a vehicle from us and get it exactly how you want it.

Why Special Order?
A pre-order car is ideal for people who aren't willing to compromise on their color or options. For example: If you intend to use your car for a business and you need it in a specific color to match your company's logo, ordering is the way to go. And if you have special requirement for any specification of the car, however currently we are out of stock, you may pre-order from us, Not every car dealer will let you order your vehicle when you want to do it, however, we do.

ODSB Pre-Order Terms & Conditions

  • Pre-Order

    The cost of a reservation is 20-50% of the car value. Note that the reservation payment is refundable if you cancel your reservation which full filled our booking refund policy. If you wish, you can apply your reservation payment toward by contact any one of our sale team member.

  • How Long Does It Take

    Approximately It would take up to 1-2 months to deliver your car. The amount of time it takes to order a car and get it delivered to you varies, based on where the car is order and origin country of supplier stock available.