Booking Refund Policy
  • ODSB allows you to cancel a booking payment made and request for booking refund. In case of cancellation, cancellation charges will be applicable

    • This offer shall be deemed accepted by us upon full payment of the Deposit of MYR 5,000. We shall be entitled to rescind the sale and forfeit all payments made and/or refund all moneys paid by you less a sum of RM500.00 as cancellation fees inclusive of 2% service fees if payment was by credit card in following events:-

      • If you fail to execute the Vehicle Sale Order within the time stipulated.

      • If you fail to pay the balance Purchase Price according to the time frame stipulated herein.

      • If you cancel the purchase unless cancellation is due to loan application rejection whereby sub-clause (b) applies.

    • The Deposit paid by you shall be fully refunded if your loan application is rejected (subject to 2% service charges if payment was by credit card). You shall provide to us two (2) rejection letters from our panel bank for such refund.